Avoiding getting sick while traveling

Getting sick while traveling should not be the norm. Maintaining healthy practices while on the road is essential to a healthy immune system and will keep your mind performing optimally.

Here are a few easy and helpful tips to get the most out of your travels.

•Avoid unhealthy convenience food! Not only will this add notches to your belt but traveling naturally compromises your immune system. Nutritious eating helps increase your bodies natural immune support, increase vitamin c and get lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy options are available almost everywhere, but it is always wise to keep a few heathy snack and immune support vitamins on hand.

•Give yourself time to recover! If possible give yourself a full day to recover once arriving at your destination (relax, sleep, read and generally veg). This will allow your body and mind to acclimate to its new environment and thus help your immune system to rebuild.

•Carry essential oils! Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Clove and Eucalyptus are great natural cleansers and immune boosters. If you drip a few drops into your palms rub vigorously, cup over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply you can greatly decrease the bacterial in your system (especially in close quarters like buses or planes). Thieves brand oil is a great brand than can be applied just under the nose for instant natural antibacterial effects.

•Pamper yourself! Enjoy a spa treatment, yoga / Pilates class, steam sauna, massage, facial and a full nights sleep. Pampering yourself is a super boost to your immune system, increases focus, mobility and increases brain function, really when would you not want to pamper yourself?

Weather you are on vacation or for business, traveling in not a free pass to abuse your body. It is no fun being away from home and feeling sick, take care because this life is far to short to be doing anything you don’t enjoy.