Chair Massage, Increase your health in 15 minutes!

In recent years massage has been recognized as a viable option to address and prevent injures!

Receiving regular treatments like at your office for a chair massage can be a fun way to become more healthy.

One of the largest advantages to a chair massage is the ability of the practitioner to access the top of the shoulders, neck and arms.    In an office setting accessing the upper body can do wonders for the body and mind.

Massage in general helps to lower stress hormones and increases focus.  Regular massage in the upper body helps reduce inflammation in the shoulder joins, arms and fingers.  If you experience numbness or swelling in the arms even a quick chair massage can reduce symptoms.

For more chronic issues like carpel tunnel, chronic neck pain, TMJ or long-term damage can be relieved if not all together removed with regular massage treatments. Recovery from injury varies on the person and practitioner so make sure your practitioner is a well-versed member of the massage community.

Talk to your HR department to discuss how to receive chair massage in your office or come visit Exquisite Massage and the Marriott Marquis in San Diego for a treatment under the beautiful San Diego Sun!  More events online on Facebook!

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