Meet our team

Here are our top therapists! Exquisite Massage is a network of talented therapists, who not only provide mobile massage services as highly trained and skilled healers, but the vision and direction of Exquisite is led by those same conscious-minded people. Our therapists take their role seriously as leaders in the field of health and well-being and continually seek ways to become more knowledgeable within their fields.
The Exquisite Massage network of therapists are chosen based on talent and their desire to be leaders in health and wellness. Rest assured you are receiving the best possible treatment that can be offered.


Jenny Johnson CEO and General Manager of Exquisite Mobile Massage, Jenny Johnson has been practicing massage for over ten years. Utilizing many modalities, she specializes in therapeutic massage focused towards those who suffer from chronic pain, desire more flexibility and circulation. Through a life time of experience she is interested is feeling the body of pain. She also is a fitness instructor focusing on strengthening and stretching the body to alleviate pain and encourage proper alignment. Insurance accepted.


Andrea Ervin | Assistant Manager

Andrea has traveled the world for 14 years, mostly in Europe and Asia to experience traditional ways for Better Health and Well-Being. During her travels she learning about herbs, home remedies and various massage techniques. She was inspired to start a profession in Massage and the Healing Arts in 1998. Her intuitive and nurturing communication style helps maintain healthy relationships amongst XQs’ many talented therapists. Entrusted with bringing new talent to the company she brings new and exciting contractors in which XQ can rely.

Leah Warder | Lead Therapist


Leah is an intuitive & charismatic Holistic Health Practitioner. Introduced at a young age to the Holistic view of health and happiness, she has traveled extensively to learn and experience different cultures and practices of massage, yoga, & nutrition. Leah specializes in a blend of Eastern and Western Modalities including Tui Na, Shiatsu, Advanced Circulatory, & Cranio Sacral Therapy. She is a committed life student and is currently studying in traditional Oriental Healing. Rest assured in her hands, you will leave feeling invigorated and renewed.


David Warder | Lead Therapist

As the son of two body workers, David has been exposed to the healing qualities of massage since childhood. Highly charismatic and attuned to placing people at ease, David honed his skills with formal training to share massage with others. David offers a comfortably firm and flowing style with influences stemming from Asian modalities.