Getting the most out of your Massage

Massage is an essential part of a healthy regiment!  But with every good patron knowing the standards of the industry and what to expect will help you have the best massage experience.


How to be a great Client

When getting ready to receive a massage it is important that you allow yourself to be open.  Prepare yourself to let go of the day and be present with your therapist.

Arriving early to your appointment honors your therapist, this tells them you respect their time.  Being early also guarantees a full treatment time, the therapist will not feel rushed and you can take your time using the restroom and getting onto the table.  In the moments before your therapist walks in the room take stock of how your body feels.  Enjoy a few long full breaths, relax your mind and body.

Before the massage begins let your therapist know if you have any allergies, injuries or illnesses.  It is important for your therapists to know if you are on any medication and medical history in case there is any contraindications.  Let your therapist know what areas are in pain or discomfort and if you would like special attention on those area or if you would like the therapists to avoid those area all together.

Massage is above all a conversation between two people, when receiving a massage it is important let your voice be heard.  It is not necessary to ‘quietly suffer’ through a massage.  Most massage therapists seek to reach the ‘hurt so good’ feeling, riding the line of the pleasure-pain barrier.  During your treatment if you feel you holding your breath or tensing your body due to too much pressure let you therapist know to lighten the pressure.  It is not beneficial for you and can be even counter productive to the bodywork and adds more work for your therapist.  If you feel ticklish during your treatment it can be remedied by the therapist going  slower and/or using more pressure.  Letting the therapist know that you are ticklish will allow them to make adjustments for a more pleasurable and effective treatment.

Allow your therapists to flow through the massage.  If it is your first treatment with any new therapist they might have to spend the first few moments getting acquainted with your body.  If after the first couple of moments you do not feel the pressure, style or problematic areas are being addressed correctly let your therapist know so they might meet your needs.  Enjoy the presence of the moment and observe your breath.  Quite your mind and take in the work.  Often when nervous you will find yourself talking, allow yourself the space to be present in the massage and in your body.

Once your massage is done, take note of any changes in your body.  Slowly get dressed and enjoy the renewed mind-body connection.  Thank yourself for honoring you body.

It is important to take time after your massage to relax and hold the feeling of your body.  Drink water and allow toxins to be flushed from the system.  It is not uncommon to be soar the next day but this is usually accompanied by increased freedom of movement.

With every conversation it is easier to talk to some rather than others.  It may take a few tries but finding a therapist that matches your style is a large part of a great experience.

Massage is a healthful and enjoyable experience!  Use often!

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