Healthy Tips

Learn about up-to-date holistic health tips

Learn about up-to-date holistic health tips

Feeling down from the winter time blues?  Experiencing low energy, dry skin and extra weight?

Try a 5 healthy tips to fuel a healthy winter season!

1. Start the morning with a cup of Oolong tea with local honey.

Oolong is a natural antioxidant and a warm cup of H2O gets your digestion going while increasing your metabolism.  Local raw honey helps reduce inflammation in the body with its natural antibiotic properties it decreases histamine reactions, allowing your body to dedicate its energy to a more productive day!

2. Get a full 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

When the body lacks sleep it experiences less focus, slower reflexes, faster aging and weight gain.  Sleep is the bodies natural medicine! use it as prescribed.

3. Take a nap.

If you are unable to get your full 8 a quick pick me up 20-40 minute nap in the afternoon can make up for those lost z’s.

4. Take a walk around the block.

After a meal take a brisk stroll around the block.  Walking after a meal will help you digest your food more completely  increase your metabolism, releases endorphin’s and increase your circulation.  Increasing your circulation helps release natural oils that soothes dry skin.  Plus it burns a few extra calories to boot!

5. Get Naked!

No Really..  a quick trip in the bedroom does wonders for all the winter time blues (including headaches).  Seeing your partner naked and being naked helps motivate you to keep those pounds at bay!

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