The Power of Vitamin D!

Many Sun kissed Californians may think that they are getting enough Vitamin D by virtue of bikini time but the truth is most people are vitamin D deficient.

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95% of the population is vitamin D deficient!  Many common misconceptions prevent most people from getting the optimal amount of Vitamin D in their system.

A few facts:

-People with genetically darker skin must spend MORE time in the sun in order to produce the same amount as a lighter skinned person.
-Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, bone loss, autoimmune disease and asthma.

Taking some vitamin D supplements taken topically or orally can help prevent all the above ailments.
Here are a few great sources for vitamin D:
*Fish Oils
*Beef Liver
*Egg Yolks
*Topical Vitamin D
*Vitamin D supplements

Even a weekly dose of topical vitamin D can increase your overall vitamin D levels significantly!

Add Vitamin D to your health regiment, especially if you practice a vegan diet!

Meeting your resolutions head on!

With the year quickly ending and 2016 around the corner it is time to take the year in review and start thinking about future goals.  One goal that is always almost at the top of the list is a healthier diet and a more toned Physique.  Here are a few New Years’ tips to help you reach your goals!

  1. Grab a partner!  Getting a partner to help keep you motivated and accountable can be one of the best tools to keep you on track.  Even if your partner is at different fitness level or has a different goal set, they can help make exercising more enjoyable and thus making you more likely to keep up your routine.  Also a little food for thought: Strong & long-standing interpersonal relationships (friendship) have a significant effect on the longevity and life of an individual; friendship = long-life & health!IMG_7340
  2. Get away from screens! No really, Step Away!  Besides making the body sedentary while being bad for the eye & posture, screens (smart phones, tablets and television) can prevent you from organic conversation, developing friendships and can easily become the crutch of procrastination.
  3. Take a walk!  Got 15 minutes? Take a brisk walk around the block (and grab the kids too), even 15 minutes can increase serotonin levels, vitamin D levels and increase circulation.
  4. Keep snacks in your car or at your desk.  More often than not, overeating is from not keeping consistent blood sugar level throughout the day.  A bag of nuts and dried fruits is a great snack food to keep at your desk, (walnuts and cranberries are great as brain food).  Tip: Low sugar and high protein keeps away hunger pains and prevent blood sugar spikes.
  5. Relax!  It is important to purposely take some time to relax, focus on self and breathe.  Massage is always a great way to naturally increase serotonin levels while increasing circulation.

SEE YOU IN 2016!


The Hideaway by Exquisite Massage in on Girard in luxurious La Jolla!

Bring serenity to your day in our new Hideaway!

Bring serenity to your day in our new Hideaway!

Exquisite Mobile Massage has opened its first physical location in the Heart of La Jolla. The Hideaway is located on the second floor the The Secret Clinic on Girard Avenue.

A large and serene treatment space, The hideaway can accommodate a luxurious single treatment or group events.

Offering packages, series and spa parties, the hideaway is a blissful escape from the stress of every day life.  Our therapists are experts in their field and will treat you exquisitely.

Treat you and you Sweetheart to an luxurious couples treatment!

Treat you and your Sweetheart to an luxurious couples treatment!

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday

9am – 6pm

In-Home Services are still available 9am – 9:30pm 7 days a weeks.

Hideaway Services:

-Table & Mat Massage (all modalities)

-Hot Stone

-Couples Treatments

-Group / Spa Parties

Hideaway Reservations: 855.827.3529

Enjoy expert massage solo or next to the one you love!

Enjoy expert massage solo or next to the one you love!

Post Holiday Survival!

At last the stocking are barren, bellies full, gift wrap recycled.  Surviving the holiday aftermath of candy, pies, cookies and leftovers can be amazingly taxing on your waistline and put a hindrance on your new years resolution.  A few holiday hints can keep those holiday pounds at bay and will keep those in need some relief.

1.  Pre-made lunches 

Take those leftovers and put them into meal size portions, place them in the freezer and take them to work for a yummy, cheap meal.  Along with those heavy staples make sure to add in a salad of vegetables or fresh fruit with a low calorie dressing.  Distributing those heavy calorie meals can help you maintain your weight and yes pie can freeze as well.

2.  Donate to the homeless

Grabbing a few disposable containers or old Tupperware, portion out a hearty meal.  Keep one in your car before heading to work & hand a meal to a homeless person, it will keep you from wasting a meal and will help someone in need.

3.  Donate to a furry friend

Make sure to clean any and all bones out of meat you may give to your cats or dogs but lean protein is great for a pets diet!

4.  Soup Stock

Take leftover turkey bones or or ham bones and simmer for 4-6 hours and store for amazing soup stock, far more flavorful then its store bought counterparts. 


Whenever possible get out of the house and keep treats from hanging out.  Enjoy San Diego’s beautiful sunny weather and beautiful natural attractions.  Keeping stress levels low will keep cortisol levels low (a common culprit in ‘belly fat’), Being physically active and enjoying a massage can keep stress at bay.

Keeping a healthy weight over the holidays!


Finding balance in the holiday rush!

Enjoying the holidays can be festive yet a stressful & indulgent affair that can add inches to the waistline.  A few simple tip can ease the ‘jump’ into your new years healthy resolutions.

During your holiday meals:

-Wear pants that fit you! No elastic, try for dress pants or jeans that fit you properly.  By not allowing your stomach to over-expand your are setting physical limits to your over indulgence.  This will let you control your portion size and give your body the time it needs to properly digest your food and derive all the nutrients your body needs.

-Drink 2 glasses of warm water before you eat dinner.  Water help lubricate your digestive system allowing optimal digestion.

-Eat with a smaller plate!  We truly eat with our eyes, if it seems like you have a full plate your brain will make you believe you are more satisfied.   Before going for that second plate grab a friend and take a slow walk around the block.  This will give your brain the time to recognize the stomachs signals if it has reached capacity.  This will help you avoid the dreaded ‘too full’ feeling.

-Keep it simple!  To many flavors can increase hunger, keep to a few traditional options and this will help your brain from over indulging.

-Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks during dinner.  Soda is a no go and alcohol should be saved till after you have completed your meal.

an Average American will consume 4,500 calories on thanksgiving!  That is twice the daily allowance for total daily consumption.  You would have to walk over 25 miles to burn off those extra calories.  By using a few simple tips you can avoid or at least slow down those winter pounds.

Don’t wait till 2014 to start healthy habits!

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

Healthy Lunch made easy!

A simple and yummy lunch time option is easy on the wallet, high in nutrition and simple as can be.

making a large batch of hummus can be lunch time snack or meal.


Hummus, a simple recipe that can be dressed up:

2-4 cloves of fresh garlic

4 cups of Chickpeas

1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup of Tahini

1/4 cup of olive oil

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of cumin
paprika to taste

Blend in a food processor

Chickpeas are rich in fiber, iron and when combined with pita bread forms a complete protein.


Eat as a snack  or wrap up with veggies as a filling and nutritious meal.

Proper Posture for optimal health

Proper Posture for optimal health

In the digital age most spend the whole of their working day sitting at the desk and more time at home on digital devices. These habits can bring unwanted side effects of lower back pain, numbness in the lower extremities & arms. A few way to avoiding these traps are through simple tricks to keep your body fluid and functioning.

1. Proper Body Positioning
If you use a computer chair sitting all the way into the fold of the chair help the lower back feel supported and prevents hunching. Keeping both feet on the ground assures that your legs are getting circulation (preventing swelling and pain). Drawing in you abdominal wall helps keep your organs functioning properly.

2. Proper Desk Positioning
Keeping your eyes looking forward is essential for good neck positioning, keep your monitor in alignment with you eyes. You keyboard should be at level with your elbows and not far away so you avoid ‘stretching or shrugging.’

3. Get Moving!
Your legs push blood and waste through muscle contraction, on every hour you should take a few brisk walks to the water cooler or a walk up the staircase plus a good stretch for optimal health.

4.  The right Equipment

It now has been recognized that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health and longevity.  Getting a sit-stand desk will help you stand, giving your lower back its natural shock absorber!  A good chair is highly essential to good posture, an economical chair would be to using a yoga ball chair to encourage proper body positioning as well as strengthening core and back.

5.  Cross Training

A regular physical training schedule helps your body maintain good posture.  Bringing your lunch and walking on you lunch break is a great way to maintain weight and keep your heart healthy.

6. Real Down Time!

Leave your work at work!  Take care of yourself when away from the office space, let go of any lingering negative energy.  Changing out of your cloths and mentally switching to the home environment will make your home life more fulfilling and happy.  Self care is imperative and increases longevity, eating healthfully, sleeping and massage!


August Featured Service!


Shiatsu is derived from Asian Body healing which is 1000’s of years old.  Shiatsu is roughly translated as finger-pressure and focuses  on pressure points to alleviate pain and stress.  Today most therapists practice ZEN-Touch massage which combines pressure points with stretching.

Shiatsu is a mat based massage in which the client wears comfortable clothing that allow the body to move freely.  Practitioners will use fingers, hands, palms, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate the body.  When receiving a shiatsu treatment make sure to let the practitioner move you around, it is better if you do not assist in the movement.

Exquisite massage has many amazing therapists that practice Shiatsu and will connect your mind-body-spirit!

Boosting Immunity


Massage is a way to boost your bodies natural defenses!

Massage is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.  Massage not only feels great and strengthens the mind-body connection but helps boost your bodies natural defenses.  Massage increases your bloods white count, increasing immune response.  

If you have ever dozed off on a massage table you have first hand experience of one of massages greatest benefits, creating more restful sleep.  Experts believe massage effects delta waves, bringing the mind to the deepest level of sleep.

Take care of yourself and get a massage.

Take full advantage of local healthy habits!


Cowels Mountain is an amazing and healthy way to enjoy San Diego!  On a clear day you can see from Santee to Coronado!

Here are some helpful stats:

From the golf crest trail head

625 calories round trip

3 miles round trip

Peak Height 1,592 ft.