Meeting your resolutions head on!

With the year quickly ending and 2016 around the corner it is time to take the year in review and start thinking about future goals.  One goal that is always almost at the top of the list is a healthier diet and a more toned Physique.  Here are a few New Years’ tips to help you reach your goals!

  1. Grab a partner!  Getting a partner to help keep you motivated and accountable can be one of the best tools to keep you on track.  Even if your partner is at different fitness level or has a different goal set, they can help make exercising more enjoyable and thus making you more likely to keep up your routine.  Also a little food for thought: Strong & long-standing interpersonal relationships (friendship) have a significant effect on the longevity and life of an individual; friendship = long-life & health!IMG_7340
  2. Get away from screens! No really, Step Away!  Besides making the body sedentary while being bad for the eye & posture, screens (smart phones, tablets and television) can prevent you from organic conversation, developing friendships and can easily become the crutch of procrastination.
  3. Take a walk!  Got 15 minutes? Take a brisk walk around the block (and grab the kids too), even 15 minutes can increase serotonin levels, vitamin D levels and increase circulation.
  4. Keep snacks in your car or at your desk.  More often than not, overeating is from not keeping consistent blood sugar level throughout the day.  A bag of nuts and dried fruits is a great snack food to keep at your desk, (walnuts and cranberries are great as brain food).  Tip: Low sugar and high protein keeps away hunger pains and prevent blood sugar spikes.
  5. Relax!  It is important to purposely take some time to relax, focus on self and breathe.  Massage is always a great way to naturally increase serotonin levels while increasing circulation.

SEE YOU IN 2016!


Summer Sports and Massage

With the weather warming up and summer sun peaking around the corner it is hard to stay indoors.  Dusting off the cobwebs from bikes, basketballs, paddle boards and volleyball nets; the Summer bring long days and outdoor sports.  Warming up the tennis shoes while shaking off our winter coat can bring on injuries that are hard to identify and address.


Massage can be an amazing preventative measure because it helps brings circulation to a-vascular areas like ligaments and joints that are likely to get injured during sports.

prevent injury with massageDespite all the best efforts ‘getting back to it and repetitive movement can cause injury, Sports massage is designed to address injury and stress do to sports activities.   Exquisite Massage has some of the best and highly trained sports therapists in San Diego.

Sports massage

Call today to schedule a massage with our highly qualified therapists and get the most out of summer!


Avoiding getting sick while traveling

Getting sick while traveling should not be the norm. Maintaining healthy practices while on the road is essential to a healthy immune system and will keep your mind performing optimally.

Here are a few easy and helpful tips to get the most out of your travels.

•Avoid unhealthy convenience food! Not only will this add notches to your belt but traveling naturally compromises your immune system. Nutritious eating helps increase your bodies natural immune support, increase vitamin c and get lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy options are available almost everywhere, but it is always wise to keep a few heathy snack and immune support vitamins on hand.

•Give yourself time to recover! If possible give yourself a full day to recover once arriving at your destination (relax, sleep, read and generally veg). This will allow your body and mind to acclimate to its new environment and thus help your immune system to rebuild.

•Carry essential oils! Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Clove and Eucalyptus are great natural cleansers and immune boosters. If you drip a few drops into your palms rub vigorously, cup over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply you can greatly decrease the bacterial in your system (especially in close quarters like buses or planes). Thieves brand oil is a great brand than can be applied just under the nose for instant natural antibacterial effects.

•Pamper yourself! Enjoy a spa treatment, yoga / Pilates class, steam sauna, massage, facial and a full nights sleep. Pampering yourself is a super boost to your immune system, increases focus, mobility and increases brain function, really when would you not want to pamper yourself?

Weather you are on vacation or for business, traveling in not a free pass to abuse your body. It is no fun being away from home and feeling sick, take care because this life is far to short to be doing anything you don’t enjoy.


December Featured Service! Detoxifying Mud Wrap


Mud WrapsOur December featured service will help detoxify body & mind while hydrating and nurturing your skin. December conditions can stress the body and dry your skin.


Our Mud Wrap is high in minerals and naturally pulls heavy medals from the system.  Through this 45 minute detoxifying wrap your body will help cleanse your largest organ and bring blood flow to the skin.  Increased circulation, especially to joints and cellulite prone skin can decrease daily aches and pains and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The warming effects of the mud will naturally relax you.

Mud Wraps must be booked one day in advance and can be combined with and other service.


More on our Clay:

Most clays have a high alkaline pH. Clay is homeostatic and as such is an adaptogen that brings balance and equilibrium to the body. A balanced body can heal itself.  Calcium Bentonite Clay’s strength lies in its ability to adsorb and absorb, to suck into itself toxins, chemicals, viruses, molds and the bad bacteria, hold them captive within the molecule and carry them out of the body.



Keeping a healthy weight over the holidays!


Finding balance in the holiday rush!

Enjoying the holidays can be festive yet a stressful & indulgent affair that can add inches to the waistline.  A few simple tip can ease the ‘jump’ into your new years healthy resolutions.

During your holiday meals:

-Wear pants that fit you! No elastic, try for dress pants or jeans that fit you properly.  By not allowing your stomach to over-expand your are setting physical limits to your over indulgence.  This will let you control your portion size and give your body the time it needs to properly digest your food and derive all the nutrients your body needs.

-Drink 2 glasses of warm water before you eat dinner.  Water help lubricate your digestive system allowing optimal digestion.

-Eat with a smaller plate!  We truly eat with our eyes, if it seems like you have a full plate your brain will make you believe you are more satisfied.   Before going for that second plate grab a friend and take a slow walk around the block.  This will give your brain the time to recognize the stomachs signals if it has reached capacity.  This will help you avoid the dreaded ‘too full’ feeling.

-Keep it simple!  To many flavors can increase hunger, keep to a few traditional options and this will help your brain from over indulging.

-Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks during dinner.  Soda is a no go and alcohol should be saved till after you have completed your meal.

an Average American will consume 4,500 calories on thanksgiving!  That is twice the daily allowance for total daily consumption.  You would have to walk over 25 miles to burn off those extra calories.  By using a few simple tips you can avoid or at least slow down those winter pounds.

Don’t wait till 2014 to start healthy habits!

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

Pumpkin Soup! Health in a Bowl

ImagePumpkin is an amazing fall food and has many medicinal properties!

One of my favorite recipes warms the kitchen and your taste buds!  An easy and tasty recipe that will sure to be a yearly addition to your table.


1 sugar pumpkin

1 can of unsweetened coconut juice

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 medium yellow onion or 2 shallots diced

3-4 garlic cloves minced

3 1/2 cups of vegetable stock

2-4 fresh Thai chillies (how hot do you want it?)

1 tablespoon of minced lemongrass

1 teaspoon cumin

salt and pepper to taste


1.  Preheat oven to 350.  Cut pumpkin in half, remove stem and remove seeds with spoon.  Reserve seeds to bake later!

Place pumpkins on baking tray meat side down, bake for ~60 minutes until cooked through.  Once cooked, remove meat from skin and reserve.

2.   Use medium stockpot, heat with oil to medium simmer.  Add diced onion / shallots, lemongrass and garlic, simmer till fragrant.   Be careful not to burn.

3.  Add Pumpkin puree & Coconut Juice.  Heat through (about 5-10 minutes).  Add chilies & Cumin about half way through.

4.  And Voila! you have pumpkin soup!  If you want a creamy consistency then run through the food processor!

Goes great with Garlic Naan!

Medicinal Properties:

Pumpkin Nutrition Facts
(1 cup cooked, boiled, drained, without salt)

Calories 49
Protein 2 grams
Carbohydrate 12 grams
Dietary Fiber 3 grams
Calcium 37 mg
Iron 1.4 mg
Magnesium 22 mg
Potassium 564 mg
Zinc 1 mg
Selenium .50 mg
Vitamin C 12 mg
Niacin 1 mg
Folate 21 mcg
Vitamin A 2650 IU
Vitamin E 3 mg

Pumpkin is used for treating bladder irritation, kidney infections, intestinal worms, and trouble urinating due to BPH.

Pumpkin is sometimes used in combination with herbs to treat symptoms of BPH.

San Diego Local Medicinal Herbs

San Diego Local Medicinal Herbs

Comfrey! An amazingly well known and hardy herb, Comfrey can be added to any garden and thrives in San Diego’s environment. The plant can be used from flower to root and has many medicinal uses.

For massage the practical applications are also numerous. When added to a salve or applied as an ointment Comfrey help several common ailments.

Medicinal Uses:
-Bruises / Sprains
-Cuts & Wounds
-Gastritis / Ulcer
-Soar Throat


-Reduce symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis by reducing pain and increasing mobility.
-Diabetic Soars / Skin Issues

Teas (as a topical aid, not recommended to eat):
-Skin Ulceration
-Bug Bites

Fresh Leaves (bruised and applied directly):

Comfrey is a powerful cellular re-generator and should not be used excessively. When taken internally it can be harmful to the liver (although that being said you have to eat huge amounts to reach toxic levels over a long period of time).

Those with liver issues or rapid cellular growth should consult with an herbalist.

Hydration Secrets!

Water is an essential part of healthy diet and few easy tricks can give you an extra nutrient boost an easy way to get the most our of your water!

Chia Seeds

Dry Chia seed when soaked over night in drinking water has many refreshing and nutritive properties.  Chia is great for vegetarians because it contains: Iron, Omega 3 fatty Acids, Anti-oxidants, magnesium, calcium and loads of fiber.  When soaked, Chia seeds create a gel like consistency around the seed, this gel stays in the system for a longer period of time then water alone.   Soaked Chia seeds will releases water slowly throughout the day, ideal for long workouts and hikes.


Adding few slices of cucumber in your water has many added nutritive benefits.  Cucumber is rich in B & C vitamins, Silica and is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Silica and anti-inflammatory are a natural recipe for relief of joint pain!

Lemon / Lime

Lemon and water is a natural pairing.  Adding lemon to drinking water is a natural way to aid digestion, get vitamin C & bioflavonoids.  Lemon is a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and is an immune-booster!

Grade B Maple Syrup

Instead of sweetening your drinks with devoid of nutrients white sugar try a far more beneficial alternative.  Maple Syrup offers the sweetness the tongue desires with added benefits: Magnesium, B2, Zinc and is low on the glycemic index.  This makes Maple Syrup an ideal sweetener for your drinks, that will not give you the buzz or crash from other sugary drinks.

Get the most out of your water with a simple these additions!


Some Local distributors of the good stuff!

Full of minerals and sourced in San Diego, Solar Rain water is water 2.0!  Enjoy a drink in their biodegradable, BPA free bottle!


Stretching can help low back pain

Shiatsu Assisted side roll

Shiatsu Assisted side roll

A simple side roll can help low back and hip pain.
Lay flat on your back
Pull on knee up to be perpendicular to your back
Let your leg fall to the opposite side, keep shoulders flat to the ground
If you are more flexible lay on the side of your bed and let your leg fall off the bed, again remember to keep your shoulders flat to the bed.


Shiatsu is also referred to as ‘lazy mans yoga’

Shiatsu can offer the same benefits as stretching alone but also allows you to completely relax while the practitioner counterweights the stretch.

Chair Massage, Increase your health in 15 minutes!

In recent years massage has been recognized as a viable option to address and prevent injures!

Receiving regular treatments like at your office for a chair massage can be a fun way to become more healthy.

One of the largest advantages to a chair massage is the ability of the practitioner to access the top of the shoulders, neck and arms.    In an office setting accessing the upper body can do wonders for the body and mind.

Massage in general helps to lower stress hormones and increases focus.  Regular massage in the upper body helps reduce inflammation in the shoulder joins, arms and fingers.  If you experience numbness or swelling in the arms even a quick chair massage can reduce symptoms.

For more chronic issues like carpel tunnel, chronic neck pain, TMJ or long-term damage can be relieved if not all together removed with regular massage treatments. Recovery from injury varies on the person and practitioner so make sure your practitioner is a well-versed member of the massage community.

Talk to your HR department to discuss how to receive chair massage in your office or come visit Exquisite Massage and the Marriott Marquis in San Diego for a treatment under the beautiful San Diego Sun!  More events online on Facebook!

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