Meeting your resolutions head on!

With the year quickly ending and 2016 around the corner it is time to take the year in review and start thinking about future goals.  One goal that is always almost at the top of the list is a healthier diet and a more toned Physique.  Here are a few New Years’ tips to help you reach your goals!

  1. Grab a partner!  Getting a partner to help keep you motivated and accountable can be one of the best tools to keep you on track.  Even if your partner is at different fitness level or has a different goal set, they can help make exercising more enjoyable and thus making you more likely to keep up your routine.  Also a little food for thought: Strong & long-standing interpersonal relationships (friendship) have a significant effect on the longevity and life of an individual; friendship = long-life & health!IMG_7340
  2. Get away from screens! No really, Step Away!  Besides making the body sedentary while being bad for the eye & posture, screens (smart phones, tablets and television) can prevent you from organic conversation, developing friendships and can easily become the crutch of procrastination.
  3. Take a walk!  Got 15 minutes? Take a brisk walk around the block (and grab the kids too), even 15 minutes can increase serotonin levels, vitamin D levels and increase circulation.
  4. Keep snacks in your car or at your desk.  More often than not, overeating is from not keeping consistent blood sugar level throughout the day.  A bag of nuts and dried fruits is a great snack food to keep at your desk, (walnuts and cranberries are great as brain food).  Tip: Low sugar and high protein keeps away hunger pains and prevent blood sugar spikes.
  5. Relax!  It is important to purposely take some time to relax, focus on self and breathe.  Massage is always a great way to naturally increase serotonin levels while increasing circulation.

SEE YOU IN 2016!


Valentines Day Ideas

A menu of options to delight and entice your Valentine.  Book at least a day in advance to take advantage of Mimosa and Gourmet Chocolate Options.

A menu of options to delight and entice your Valentine. Book at least a day in advance to take advantage of Mimosa and Gourmet Chocolate Options.

Valentines Day can become a stressful event when caught unprepared.

Let Exquisite Massage make you and your Valentine feel pampered and stress free.

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Chair Massage, Increase your health in 15 minutes!

In recent years massage has been recognized as a viable option to address and prevent injures!

Receiving regular treatments like at your office for a chair massage can be a fun way to become more healthy.

One of the largest advantages to a chair massage is the ability of the practitioner to access the top of the shoulders, neck and arms.    In an office setting accessing the upper body can do wonders for the body and mind.

Massage in general helps to lower stress hormones and increases focus.  Regular massage in the upper body helps reduce inflammation in the shoulder joins, arms and fingers.  If you experience numbness or swelling in the arms even a quick chair massage can reduce symptoms.

For more chronic issues like carpel tunnel, chronic neck pain, TMJ or long-term damage can be relieved if not all together removed with regular massage treatments. Recovery from injury varies on the person and practitioner so make sure your practitioner is a well-versed member of the massage community.

Talk to your HR department to discuss how to receive chair massage in your office or come visit Exquisite Massage and the Marriott Marquis in San Diego for a treatment under the beautiful San Diego Sun!  More events online on Facebook!

Upcoming events:

Mothers Day At Domain San Diego

Complimentary Chair Massage 11a-3p

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Chair Massage


Help motivate your team and tell them how much you appreciate them with chair massage.  Chair massage uses a variety of modalities including Deep Tissue, Sports, Acupressure and stretching.  Chair massage is particularly helpful for tension in the upper body including repetitive stress in the upper neck, upper back, shoulders and arms.   Help reduce lost time and workman comp cases with this highly enjoyable treat.  Exquisite Massage can pair massage with in-office chiropractic sessions for longer lasting results.


Exquisite at Playboy!

Exquisite Massage is San Diego’s premier travelling massage and wellness co.

Exquisite Massage caters to events of all sizes. One of our the highlights thus far is Playboys Superbowl party charity event!

Playboy features Exquisite Massage


Chair Massage in beautiful San Diego

Chair Massage in beautiful San Diego

Exquisite massage is scheduled to provide poolside chair massage at the Marriott Marquis & Marina and Poolside Cabana massage at the Andaz rooftop for ultimate summer relaxation! Come and say hi and enjoy a uniquely San Diego relaxation experience!