The Power of Vitamin D!

Many Sun kissed Californians may think that they are getting enough Vitamin D by virtue of bikini time but the truth is most people are vitamin D deficient.

Image result for San Diego beach

95% of the population is vitamin D deficient!  Many common misconceptions prevent most people from getting the optimal amount of Vitamin D in their system.

A few facts:

-People with genetically darker skin must spend MORE time in the sun in order to produce the same amount as a lighter skinned person.
-Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, bone loss, autoimmune disease and asthma.

Taking some vitamin D supplements taken topically or orally can help prevent all the above ailments.
Here are a few great sources for vitamin D:
*Fish Oils
*Beef Liver
*Egg Yolks
*Topical Vitamin D
*Vitamin D supplements

Even a weekly dose of topical vitamin D can increase your overall vitamin D levels significantly!

Add Vitamin D to your health regiment, especially if you practice a vegan diet!

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