Post Holiday Survival!

At last the stocking are barren, bellies full, gift wrap recycled.  Surviving the holiday aftermath of candy, pies, cookies and leftovers can be amazingly taxing on your waistline and put a hindrance on your new years resolution.  A few holiday hints can keep those holiday pounds at bay and will keep those in need some relief.

1.  Pre-made lunches 

Take those leftovers and put them into meal size portions, place them in the freezer and take them to work for a yummy, cheap meal.  Along with those heavy staples make sure to add in a salad of vegetables or fresh fruit with a low calorie dressing.  Distributing those heavy calorie meals can help you maintain your weight and yes pie can freeze as well.

2.  Donate to the homeless

Grabbing a few disposable containers or old Tupperware, portion out a hearty meal.  Keep one in your car before heading to work & hand a meal to a homeless person, it will keep you from wasting a meal and will help someone in need.

3.  Donate to a furry friend

Make sure to clean any and all bones out of meat you may give to your cats or dogs but lean protein is great for a pets diet!

4.  Soup Stock

Take leftover turkey bones or or ham bones and simmer for 4-6 hours and store for amazing soup stock, far more flavorful then its store bought counterparts. 


Whenever possible get out of the house and keep treats from hanging out.  Enjoy San Diego’s beautiful sunny weather and beautiful natural attractions.  Keeping stress levels low will keep cortisol levels low (a common culprit in ‘belly fat’), Being physically active and enjoying a massage can keep stress at bay.

December Featured Service! Detoxifying Mud Wrap


Mud WrapsOur December featured service will help detoxify body & mind while hydrating and nurturing your skin. December conditions can stress the body and dry your skin.


Our Mud Wrap is high in minerals and naturally pulls heavy medals from the system.  Through this 45 minute detoxifying wrap your body will help cleanse your largest organ and bring blood flow to the skin.  Increased circulation, especially to joints and cellulite prone skin can decrease daily aches and pains and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The warming effects of the mud will naturally relax you.

Mud Wraps must be booked one day in advance and can be combined with and other service.


More on our Clay:

Most clays have a high alkaline pH. Clay is homeostatic and as such is an adaptogen that brings balance and equilibrium to the body. A balanced body can heal itself.  Calcium Bentonite Clay’s strength lies in its ability to adsorb and absorb, to suck into itself toxins, chemicals, viruses, molds and the bad bacteria, hold them captive within the molecule and carry them out of the body.