Proper Posture for optimal health

Proper Posture for optimal health

In the digital age most spend the whole of their working day sitting at the desk and more time at home on digital devices. These habits can bring unwanted side effects of lower back pain, numbness in the lower extremities & arms. A few way to avoiding these traps are through simple tricks to keep your body fluid and functioning.

1. Proper Body Positioning
If you use a computer chair sitting all the way into the fold of the chair help the lower back feel supported and prevents hunching. Keeping both feet on the ground assures that your legs are getting circulation (preventing swelling and pain). Drawing in you abdominal wall helps keep your organs functioning properly.

2. Proper Desk Positioning
Keeping your eyes looking forward is essential for good neck positioning, keep your monitor in alignment with you eyes. You keyboard should be at level with your elbows and not far away so you avoid ‘stretching or shrugging.’

3. Get Moving!
Your legs push blood and waste through muscle contraction, on every hour you should take a few brisk walks to the water cooler or a walk up the staircase plus a good stretch for optimal health.

4.  The right Equipment

It now has been recognized that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health and longevity.  Getting a sit-stand desk will help you stand, giving your lower back its natural shock absorber!  A good chair is highly essential to good posture, an economical chair would be to using a yoga ball chair to encourage proper body positioning as well as strengthening core and back.

5.  Cross Training

A regular physical training schedule helps your body maintain good posture.  Bringing your lunch and walking on you lunch break is a great way to maintain weight and keep your heart healthy.

6. Real Down Time!

Leave your work at work!  Take care of yourself when away from the office space, let go of any lingering negative energy.  Changing out of your cloths and mentally switching to the home environment will make your home life more fulfilling and happy.  Self care is imperative and increases longevity, eating healthfully, sleeping and massage!