Boosting Immunity


Massage is a way to boost your bodies natural defenses!

Massage is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.  Massage not only feels great and strengthens the mind-body connection but helps boost your bodies natural defenses.  Massage increases your bloods white count, increasing immune response.  

If you have ever dozed off on a massage table you have first hand experience of one of massages greatest benefits, creating more restful sleep.  Experts believe massage effects delta waves, bringing the mind to the deepest level of sleep.

Take care of yourself and get a massage.

Take full advantage of local healthy habits!


Cowels Mountain is an amazing and healthy way to enjoy San Diego!  On a clear day you can see from Santee to Coronado!

Here are some helpful stats:

From the golf crest trail head

625 calories round trip

3 miles round trip

Peak Height 1,592 ft.

Hydration Secrets!

Water is an essential part of healthy diet and few easy tricks can give you an extra nutrient boost an easy way to get the most our of your water!

Chia Seeds

Dry Chia seed when soaked over night in drinking water has many refreshing and nutritive properties.  Chia is great for vegetarians because it contains: Iron, Omega 3 fatty Acids, Anti-oxidants, magnesium, calcium and loads of fiber.  When soaked, Chia seeds create a gel like consistency around the seed, this gel stays in the system for a longer period of time then water alone.   Soaked Chia seeds will releases water slowly throughout the day, ideal for long workouts and hikes.


Adding few slices of cucumber in your water has many added nutritive benefits.  Cucumber is rich in B & C vitamins, Silica and is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Silica and anti-inflammatory are a natural recipe for relief of joint pain!

Lemon / Lime

Lemon and water is a natural pairing.  Adding lemon to drinking water is a natural way to aid digestion, get vitamin C & bioflavonoids.  Lemon is a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and is an immune-booster!

Grade B Maple Syrup

Instead of sweetening your drinks with devoid of nutrients white sugar try a far more beneficial alternative.  Maple Syrup offers the sweetness the tongue desires with added benefits: Magnesium, B2, Zinc and is low on the glycemic index.  This makes Maple Syrup an ideal sweetener for your drinks, that will not give you the buzz or crash from other sugary drinks.

Get the most out of your water with a simple these additions!


Some Local distributors of the good stuff!

Full of minerals and sourced in San Diego, Solar Rain water is water 2.0!  Enjoy a drink in their biodegradable, BPA free bottle!