Top 3 Natural Allergy Remedies!

Nothing quite matches the beauty of Spring in San Diego.

The calm before the storm, spring brings warmer weather, new blooms and with it comes tons of allergens to drive you nuts!

There are a few very simple home remedies that can lessen your histamine reaction without the use of drowsy drugs.


Local Raw Honey

The key to getting the anti-histamine properties of honey is LOCAL.  Local honey uses local pollen’s, this in-turn allows your body to absorb these allergens and build tolerance.   This concept is similar to a flu shot, it allows your body to build an army without experience a full-blown attack.  Honey on its own has many amazing properties including being an anti-inflammatory.  Often allergy symptoms can be caused by inflammation in the body, using honey in conjunction with cinnamon is a power pact (and yummy) way to reduce inflammation.

Nettle & Mint Tea

A natural histamine blocker, Nettle fills the receptor in you brain that activates the histamine reaction.  Drinking a tea made of nettle and mint helps prevent a reaction and soothe the system.

Basil Oil

Adding a fresh sprig to your drinking water delivers fresh tasting & healthy delight. If no fresh basil is available add a few drops of Basil Oil for lasting effects.  Basil can stain the teeth so make sure not to ‘suck’ the mixture through your teeth.

Spring is a shame to miss!  Take great care of your system and see the beauty of spring unfold!

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The seeds of our health are brought to life with balanced nutrition, exercise and friends! Hosting a healthy get together with friends does wonders for moral and your waistline! Engaging your friends in healthy practices helps keep your community healthy!

March Featured Service

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage is an often misunderstood modality.   Deep Tissue is a highly localized, slow pressure treatment that is often performed without the use of oils or lotions.  Despite its well know Cousin Swedish / Circulatory massage this modality seeks to break-up adhesion between the muscle and fascia layers and affect the muscles on a more therapeutic level.


A deep tissue session focuses on specific problem areas.  Your therapist will apply slow, deep pressure using the palm, elbow, forearm and thumbs to specific areas in an attempt to free the body of adhesion’s and allow more movement.   Deep Tissue session will last up to 90 minutes and can address only a few areas rather than the whole body.  When receiving a treatment it is important to remember to breathe and communicate with your therapist.  Ideally a therapist will ride the pleasure / pain barrier that ever so enjoyable ‘hurts-so-good’ feeling.  If you find yourself tensing up or holding your breathe it is important to let go, if the pressure is too much and causing you to tense up, tell your therapists so they can adjust their pressure accordingly.

After treatment drink lots of water to help toxins move out of the body and take it easy for the next day to allow the body to heal.  The body can be sore for a few days afterwards (especially if it is your first massage treatment) but observe your improved movement and posture.  Remember a lifetime of stress cannot be corrected in one session; Multiple treatments can create optimal health.

If you are suffering from chronic pain deep tissue can be a viable solution for lasting results.  Enjoy a healthy pathway to better health and easy of movement.


Meet Our Deep Tissue Guru!

Brandon Stephenson

IMG_7155Brandon’s passion for healing and wellness has been the driving force that has led him to become a Holistic Health Practitioner. His therapeutic touch and desire to serve the needs of others is apparent and directly felt under his healing hands. Brandon’s extensive education and blooming practice integrates bodywork modalities from many different cultures. From the far eastern approach of Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Reiki to the more western trade of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. He has integrated body therapy brings one into a blissful state of balance and well being.