Diet is a huge factor in overall health but more importantly combinations of food help you absorb the essential nutrients contained within food. When cooking using these simple tricks will help you get the most bank out of your meals. Whenever possible try to buy organic for richer health benefits. Chewing your food completely helps breakdown food so you can fully digest all of the micro-nutrients as well as making it easier for digestion.

Vegetarian Protein
Beans or rice are a seemingly harmless side dish but can equal a protein packed power house when eaten in combination. Long grain brown rice has more fiber and micro-nutrients than its starchier white rice companion. Organic Black Beans have less gas causing elements along with more nutrients!
Pita and Hummus. No longer just an appetizer this protein filled combo is a tried and true Mediterranean delight that combines the right amino-acids to keep you fuller for longer.

Energy Foods
The benefits of this long known super food needs a partner to unlock its true potential. When combined with tomatoes, Spinach releases energy giving Iron.
Sardine, Salmon, Flax Seeds and walnuts are excellent food sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Combine these super foods for a more energy packed meals.

Eat smarter, get more from your meal.

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